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Vacuum Cupping Massage Anti Cellulite Magnet Therapy

Vacuum Cupping Massage Anti Cellulite Magnet Therapy

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Introducing the Electric Cupping Machine with 12 Level Temperature and Suction Cupping Therapy!

Experience the ultimate relaxation and relief with our cutting-edge Electric Cupping Therapy Machine. Crafted from durable and high-quality plastic, this device is designed to deliver a soothing and effective therapeutic experience in the comfort of your own home.

Key Features:
1. 12 Level Temperature: Customize your cupping therapy experience with 12 different temperature settings, allowing you to find the perfect level of warmth and comfort for your needs.

2. Suction Cupping Therapy: This machine utilizes advanced suction cupping technology to gently lift and massage the skin, promoting blood circulation, and reducing muscle tension and soreness.

3. Hot Compress Mode: Benefit from the hot compress mode, which further enhances the therapeutic effect by providing a warm, soothing sensation during your cupping session.

Package Contains:
- 1 Electric Cupping Therapy Machine: Our compact and portable device is designed for ease of use and convenience.
- Charging Ties: Keep your device powered up and ready for use at any time.
- Filter Cotton: Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your cupping machine for optimal performance.
- Instructions: A detailed guide on how to use the electric cupping therapy massager effectively and safely.

Additional Information:
Our Electric Cupping Therapy Machine is specially designed to relax muscles, relieve pain, and speed up recovery after athletic activities or workouts. It's perfect for those seeking a convenient and effective way to achieve a sense of well-being and relief from everyday stress and tension.

Color Availability:
Choose from a range of attractive colors available to match your personal style and preferences.

Product Specifications:
- Material: High-quality plastic for durability and longevity.
- Dimension: Compact and portable, measuring 17 x 13 x 8cm.
- Weight: Lightweight at only 400 grams, making it easy to carry and store.

Bring the luxury of professional cupping therapy into your home with our Electric Cupping Therapy Machine. Embrace the benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation, and make it an essential part of your wellness routine today!

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